• Aizdumble (Bigastāni) Windmill

    The ruins of a windmill are located in Elkšņu parish of Jēkabpils municipality, near the former Aizdumble half-manor. Others call it the Bigastāni mill - after the... Read More
  • Aizpute watermill

    The watermill complex (18th – 19th century), stone bridge over Tebra (1907) with Manteifeļi family emblem on the handrails, beer brewery in Liepājas street, Aizputes... Read More
  • Āraiši windmill

    The windmill of Āraiši was built as the Drabeši estate mill in the middle of the 19th century. During the reconstruction in the wall of the windmill a stone with an... Read More
  • Asare windmill

    The ruins of the Asare windmill are located in Asare, Asare parish, Jēkabpils Municipality.... Read More
  • Augstkalni Windmill

    The ruins of the windmill are located in the Prauliena parish of the Madona municipality near the houses of Augstkalni. Coordinates: 56.754929, 26.369306... Read More
  • Bebrene mill

    Just next to the Bebrene Manor and its wall, there is a mill building with a miller’s residential house. The mill is arranged in the former storage barn built in 1836.... Read More
  • Bēne Watermill

    One of the most impressive buildings in Bene is the mill building, which was built after the dam of the Auce River from 1838 to 1905. The mill is currently privately... Read More
  • Bērzaine Windmill

    Bērzaine windmill ruins are located in Bērzaine village, Bērzaine parish, Valmiera district.... Read More
  • Bērze Watermill

    The mill was built in 1863, later rebuilt several times. The water mill is a significant monument of technology and one of the very few still operating water mills in... Read More
  • Burtnieki Windmill

    Burtnieki windmill built in the Dutch style, the windmill was the most common type of windmill in the late 18th and 19th centuries.... Read More
  • Cēre windmill

    The Cēre windmill was built in 1884 and is a monument of local cultural history.... Read More
  • Cīrava watermill

    The Watermill of Cīrava Manor is an architectural monument under the state’s protection. In 2002, the Watermill was included among the 100 greatest industrial heritage... Read More
  • Cīruļi Windmill

    The ruins of the Cīruļi windmill are located in: Drēņi, Rožupe parish, Līvāni municipality. The windmill was built in 1902.... Read More
  • Degole windmill

    The Degole windmill was built in 1857. The windmill can be seen from the Tukuma - Jaunpils road, it operated until 1963 and is well preserved.... Read More
  • Dūmkalna Windmill (Skujene parish)

    Windmills are located on Dūmkalns hill (227 m above sea level) near Vējnieki houses in Skujene parish, Cēsis municipality.... Read More
  • Dzirnezers lake

    he castle of Kazdanga was built from 1800 - 1804, in the classicism style according to the project of Gregor Johann Adam Berlitz. In the times of Karl Gothard Ernst von... Read More
  • Eķengrāve windmill

    The ruins of the Eķengrāve windmill are located near Eķengrāve, rural area of Viesīte, Jēkabpils municipality.... Read More
  • Emburga windmill

    Emburga or Mucenieki windmill is located in Mucenieki, Salgale parish, by the P94 highway. The windmill was built in the second half of the 19th century. They are an... Read More
  • Gaiķi Windmill

    Gaiķi windmill was built around 1850, operated until the Second World War, the equipment has not survived. During the Soviet era, the mill had a kolkhoz warehouse.... Read More
  • Garkalne Windmill

    Garkalne windmill is located in the village of Garkalne, Priekuļi parish, by the V321 highway... Read More
  • Greizkalni windmill

    Greizkalni (Rūtes) windmill is located in Saldus municipality on the border of Lutriņi parish, 380 meters from the highway P108. The walls of the windmill are still... Read More
  • Grenči Windmill

    Built in 1830, operated until 1944. The equipment burned down in 1981. Kandava Municipality, Zemīte parish, Grenči... Read More
  • Ieriķu Watermill

    Waterfalls of Meldrupite river, floristic sculptures, wheel of the mill and stone walls. Great place for photoshoots and wedding ceremonies. In autumn and winter, after... Read More
  • Īle windmill

    The Īle windmill is located in the village of Īle, Dobele county. The windmill is built of red bricks and has been converted into a water tower.... Read More
  • Ive Windmill

    The Ive Windmill is a Dutch type windmill built in 1871. The mill is about 10 meters high, the wall thickness at the base reaches 1 meter. The windmill is not working,... Read More
  • Jaunmelderi windmill

    The ruins of the Jaunmelderi windmill are located in Jaunate village, Skaņkalne parish, Valmiera district.... Read More
  • Jaunpils Watermill

    The Jaunpils Watermill was built in 1802 (1803). It still has the milling equipment, which was operated during 1920-ties/ 1930-ties, as well as the hydrotechnical... Read More
  • Jaunviesābi Windmill

    The ruins of the windmill are located in Barkava parish of Madona municipality near the houses of Jaunviesābi. Coordinates: 56.756043, 26.452085... Read More
  • Ķāķišķe windmill

    Ķāķišķe or Vidussila windmill is located near the center of Rucava parish and currently belongs to the municipality. The mill is in a sad condition. South Kurzeme... Read More
  • Kalnieši Windmill Ruins

    The ruins of the Kalnieši windmill are located in Ineši parish, Cēsis district.... Read More
  • Kameņeca Watermill

    Kameņeca watermill was built in 1833, is located in the village of Jaunaglona in Preiļi region on the Tartaka river. The mill was once part of the Kameņeca manor... Read More
  • Kapukrogs windmill

    The lower floor of the windmill is octagonal and made of large stones, the upper floor is made of wood. The windmill is mentioned in the lists of mills in 1892 (in Remte... Read More
  • Kāravu Windmill

    Kāravu windmills (earlier Strazdu windmills) were constructed in 1902. During the Soviet time windmills have almost collapsed, now the converted wings have been lost,... Read More
  • Keipene Windmill

    The Keipene windmill was built before 1850. They operated until about 1915.... Read More
  • Ķiru Windmill

    The structure of the mills, their equipment and parts, which were designed and tested over the centuries, were massive, but the architectural establishment of the mill... Read More
  • Krīgaļi Watermill

    The watermill was erected on River Mergupe in 1938. According to locals, in 1936 the old master/miller from Riga was granted a credit of five hundred thousand Lats from... Read More
  • Krūmiņi Windmill

    The ruins of the Krūmiņi windmill are located in Vecate parish, Valmiera district, next to the V167 highway.... Read More
  • Ķūģi windmill

    Ķūģi windmill ruins are located in Ķūģi village, Aiviekste parish, Aizkraukle municipality.... Read More
  • Kuldiga Castle Mill

    Documents show that the first windmill was built here in the 13th century along with the Kuldīga Castle. During the rule of Duke Jacob, gunpowder was manufactured at... Read More
  • Lamiņi Manor Windmill

    Lamiņi windmill (Dutch-type windmill) with a wooden body was built in 1816. Operated until 1941. Laminu windmill, as one of the oldest in Latvia, is included in the list... Read More
  • Lanku Windmill In Vidridži Parish

    The walls of the stone windmill with a roof are located in Vidriži Parish, Limbaži District.... Read More
  • Lejnieki Windmill (Ošupe parish)

    The ruins of the Lejnieki windmill are located near the Lejnieki house, Ošupe parish, Madona municipality.... Read More
  • Liepa Windmill

    Liepa Windmill is located in the village of Liepa. Coordinates: 57.382034, 25.434864... Read More
  • Liepupe Windmill

    Liepupe windmill was built in the 19th century. They are an architectural monument of local significance. Transformed into a water tower this morning.... Read More
  • Lizums Windmill

    The Lizums windmill was built in 1880 and has remained in good condition. Today, the mill is equipped with an exhibition hall.... Read More
  • Love Mill

    The first windmill built in 1803 is said to have been wooden. In 1837, it was replaced by a stone windmill, which the citizens of Jaunpils christened the Love Mill. In... Read More
  • Lukāži Windmill

    Built in 1830. At the beginning of the kolkhoz, flour was ground in the mill for all kolkhoz livestock.... Read More
  • Medze windmill

    Medze windmill is located in Kapsēde, Medze parish, Grobiņa municipality, built in 1868.... Read More
  • Minde Windmill

    Minde windmill is located in Saka parish, Pavilosta municipality... Read More
  • Munči Windmill

    The Munči windmill was built in 1905. They are an architectural monument of national importance. Currently, only the ruins remain of the mill.... Read More
  • Nogale Windmill

    Nogale windmill located in Talsi municipality, Ārlava parish, Nogale.... Read More
  • Open Air Museum "Ausekļu Mill"

    At the foot of a stately watermill there is a Latvian farmyard with an open-air museum and collection of ancient tools and vehicles, camping facilities, a children's... Read More
  • Pasiekste Windmill

    Pasiekstes mill was built in 1895. It was working until the beginning of 60’s. It is archaeological monument of national significance. Next to the mill ancient burial... Read More
  • Pastari Windmill

    Pastari windmills are unique because they are the only ones in Latvia, which preserved till nowadays. The only reconstructed hollandaise-type windmill with a rotatable... Read More
  • Pēterlauki windmill

    Pēterlauki windmill is located in Pēterlauki, Platone Parish, Jelgava Municipality, Latvia. The windmill was built from 1860 to 1870 under the direction of architect... Read More
  • Pilsblīdene windmill

    The ruins of Pilsblīdene windmill are located near (500 m) from Pilsblīdene manor house. The windmill was built in the early 19th century. The mill operated until... Read More
  • Plātere windmill

    The ruins of the Plātere windmill are located in Madliena parish, Ogre district.... Read More
  • Prenclavu Windmill

    One of the biggest windmills in Latvia – with four grinding sections, which provides vast grinding opportunities. Mill and its machinery is maintained in its original... Read More
  • Pūce water mill

    The Pūce water mill was operating in Matkule already in the 19th century, and here, apart from grain milling, wool was also processed and a saw mill was operating.... Read More
  • Rāmuļi windmill

    Rāmuļi windmill is located in Vaive parish, Cēsis municipality. The windmill stopped working in 1927.... Read More
  • Raņķi Watermill

    The building was built around 1870, in ancient times the mill operated with a water wheel. A modern English turbine was installed in the 1930s. The house was rebuilt... Read More
  • Ribbes windmill

    Rožmalas is a spacious leisure centre in the heart of Zemgale. We offer areas for events, seminars and meals, as well as accommodation for staying overnight, an exciting... Read More
  • Rideļi Mill

    The Rideļi Mill is situated 80 km away from Riga, 25 km – from Tukums, and 8 km from the Engure beach. The mill has stood here for a very long time already. Now, it is... Read More
  • Rijnieku Windmill

    Rijnieku Windmill... Read More
  • Rocežu (Rocēnu) Windmill

    The ruins of the Roceži (Rocēni) windmill are located in the Laidze parish of Talsi municipality. Next to the windmill is Rocežu pond.... Read More
  • Ruba Windmill

    The ruins of a windmill are located near the Ruba village, Latvia... Read More
  • Rudbārži watermill

    Rudbārži watermill is located in Rudbārži parish of Kuldīga county.... Read More
  • Ruins of Svente Watermill

    Ruins of watermill "Svente" Talsi Municipality, Abava parish, "Sventes" +371 26321906... Read More
  • Rundāle Watermill

    Water mill was built in the end of 18th century, in the centre of Pilsrundāle and belonged to Rundāle manor. The watermill has experienced two devastating fires during... Read More
  • Rustūži windmill

    The Rustūži windmill was built in 1905 by Kārlis Mendzenis, the lord of Rustūži manor. The mill operated until 1940. At present, only the walls of the mill remain.... Read More
  • Sesile windmill

    Sesile mill is a Dutch type windmill. Ceased operation in 1938.... Read More
  • Šķēde Manor Mill

    Architectonic centre of Skede Manor complex has developed at the side of the Skede River in the 18th century. The Granary and Cowshed are built at the both sides of the... Read More
  • Šķēde water mill

    The Šķēde water mill are located on the Šķēde River near a floated Šķēde mill lake, Kuldīga municipality.... Read More
  • Šķērstu or Sveķu Windmills

    Šķērstu or Sveķu windmills were built in the early 20 th century. The walls of the windmill are constructed of red bricks and the thickness of the walls is 75 cm.... Read More
  • Stirnas manor windmill

    The windmill of Stirna manor was built in the middle of the 19th century from red bricks.... Read More
  • Stivrenieki windmill

    The ruins of the Stivrenieki windmill are located in: Vārkavas Parish, Preiļu Municipality.... Read More
  • Straupe mill

    Accessible for the public only from the outside. Free visit. Straupe mill, formerly called Mazstraupe watermill, is located in the centre of Straupe, on the right bank... Read More
  • Strutele windmill

    The walls of the Strutele windmill are located in Tukums district, Irlava parish, near the village of Strutele.... Read More
  • Ugāle Watermill

    The Ugāle Watermill was built around 1843 and is located on the banks of the Engure River in the Dzirnavu village. In the past, mills were milled, but now no economic... Read More
  • Ungurpils Watermill

    The year of construction of the Ungurpils mill is unknown, but in the map of Valmiera district issued in 1798, it is already marked together with the mill lake.... Read More
  • Vaives Mill

    Water, sandstone outcrops, forest, bird chalets are just a few things that make this place so special. The Vaive River, on its lower reaches, is rich with springs, rock... Read More
  • Valdgale Windmill

    Valdgale Windmill - an architectural monument of the state heritage. Located 3 km from Talsi. As a boulder rock retaining construction it was built around1868. The mill... Read More
  • Vārnava windmill

    The upper side of the mill's entrance is decorated with a stone-carved image of a bear and the year number "1898".... Read More
  • Vīdale Windmill (ruins)

    Vīdale Windmill was built in 1812.... Read More
  • Virga windmill

    The ruins of the Virga windmill are located on the Virga hill. It is a Dutch windmill. The windmill was first mentioned in 1892, but last operated in 1937.... Read More
  • Windmill in the open-air museum "Vēveri"

    In 1880, the owner of Kalna Vēveri, Ansis Vientiesis, built a mill at the highest point of Vēveri hill (226m above sea level). The mill was renovated in 2008.... Read More
  • Windmill near Lejas Ģibuļi

    Windmill ruins are located in Vecpiebalga parish, Cēsis district.... Read More
  • Windmill near the houses of Baloži (Barkava parish)

    Windmill near Baloži houses is located in Barkava parish, Madona municipality. Coordinates: 56.749398, 26.521095... Read More
  • Windmill Ruins in Laubere Parish

    Windmill Ruins in Laubere Parish... Read More
  • Zaņa Watermill

    Zaņa watermill is located in Zaņa parish, Saldus district, near Zaņa mill pond. The mill was built around 1880.... Read More
  • Zante Windmill

    Zante windmill was built in the 19th century. The mill operated until 1957, but in 1979 its equipment was handed over for installation in the Āraiši windmill in... Read More
  • Zvārtava Windmill

    Zvārtava manor windmill was built in 1803 as a part of the manor complex. Dutch type windmill. The body of the windmill is made of boulders. At present, the windmill is... Read More