Sightseeing places

  • Ancient Coffee Pavilion - Rotunda

    Coffee pavilion in Ķemeru park. The pavilion – rotunda is one of the most expressive architectural objects of Ķemeri Park and is located on the artificially created... Read More
  • Baldone observatory

    Baldone observatory is the only professional observatory in Latvia. Full name of the observatory is the Astrophysical Observatory of the Institute of Astronomy of the... Read More
  • Bauska Town Hall

    The Town Hall in Bauska was built at the beginning of the 17th century and by the year 1740 it was the largest Town Hall in the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia and also... Read More
  • Cape Kolka

    Cape Kolka (Livonian: Kūolka nanā, Latvian: Kolkasrags, Old German name - Domesnes, Russian - Колка or мыс Домеснес) - cape on the Baltic Sea, near the... Read More
  • Cesvaine Manor Smithy

    The smithy is located a little further from the other farm buildings. It is a two-storey building made of broken boulders. There was a shed in the yard where the... Read More
  • Cinema town Cinevilla

    The movie town, situated 15 km from Tukums in the direction of Jelgava, was originally created for shooting the history feature film "Defenders of Riga". The... Read More
  • Claas Combine Harvester

    The Claas Matador Gigant combine harvester is located by the road P108 between the villages Druva and Namiķi.... Read More
  • Dragline Excavator (Saldus)

    The dragline excavator EO-3211E-1 was made in 1990 at the excavator plant PO “Taseks” in Tashkent, and it was intended for use in digging trenches, canals, and ponds.... Read More
  • Fishing boat cemetery in Mazirbe village

    In some coastal villages in Northern Kurzeme fishing was restricted, while in the village of Mazirbe this was allowed under strict supervision of border guards. The boats... Read More
  • Forest Designed

    At Forest Designed we cultivate trees and shape them into beautiful and functional works of art. In our garden we create chairs, lampshades and other furniture pieces... Read More
  • Forest Officer's House

    The forest lord's house is an architectural monument of national significance. 19th century The building built at the end of the 19th century is made of light wooden... Read More
  • Grotto in Kazdanga Manor Park

    The grotto was built in 1914. Baron von Manteuffel used to drink tea and listen what was being said in the castle after morning ride. The stone benches and a table were... Read More
  • Horse stables of Cesvaine manor

    Horse stables were built at the same time as the castle. The artistic appearance of the stables corresponds to the castle. There were no such luxurious stables in the... Read More
  • Irbene radio telescope

    RT-32 is a 32-metre (105 ft) parabolic radio telescope. It is made up of over 20,000 components, and the central cone weighs 80 tonnes. The fully steerable telescope... Read More
  • Ķinti Well

    1 km SE from Dzērve school (Lieldzērve manor), in meadows, approximately 250 m from Avotiņi homestead. The well was created in unknown times and the biggest stones... Read More
  • Ludza Great Synagogue

    Ludza Great Synagogue is an oldest wooden synagogue in the Baltic States. It was built in 1800 as a wooden house and covered with red bricks. It is the only synagogue of... Read More
  • Mežmuiža barn

    Mežmuiža barn is a wooden architectural monument built in the early 19th century. ... Read More
  • Railroad Station Tukums II

    Railroad Station Tukums IIwas mainly used as a cargo station, built after construction of Tukums – Ventspils railroad line at the beginning of the 20th century. Today,... Read More
  • Ransomes Sims & Jefferies mobile threshing machine

    This is mobile threshing machine intended for threshing grassland seeds. It was moved by six to eight horses and powered either by a steam engine or by a stationary... Read More
  • Rauna Gate (Cēsis)

    During the Middle Ages the town had five gates. The Rauna Gate was situated at the beginning of the current Rīgas Street in the 14th to 15th centuries. Hence, in the... Read More
  • Science Center "VIZIUM"

    The construction of Science and Innovation Centre VIZIUM has begun in October 2019, and the opening of the VIZIUM is scheduled in the summer of 2022. The construction of... Read More
  • Sergei Eisenstein Communications Center

    Ķeipene is deemed the capital of cinema history of Latvia. The station building on the railway line Riga-Ērgļi was built in 1950 and it is the only public exposition... Read More
  • Sigulda Station square and Laima clock

    So Sigulda won the title of the City of Love and also a unique opportunity to create a meeting place, wherein the centre there is a clock presented by the company... Read More
  • Source of the Gauja River (Ežupīte)

    There are different opinions about the source of the Gauja. In one version, Gauja starts from Lake Alauksta. There is another widespread belief that Gauja originates... Read More
  • Spāre railway station water tower

    The water tower of Spāre railway station is located near the railway station. The railway station was established in 1901, when the Riga-Tukums railway line was... Read More
  • Steam Locomotive “Ruston, Proctor & CO”

    The specific locomotive was manufactured at the beginning of the 20th century in the factory ‘Ruston, Proctor & CO” in Lincoln, England. The locomotive was delivered... Read More
  • Swan pond in Liepāja

    The Swan Pond is a recreation area in Liepāja, Latvia. It is located in seaside park in Liepāja, between Vite Street and Hika Street. Swan Pond and its surroundings... Read More
  • Swedish Gate

    The drive-through Swedish Gate was built in 1688 and its central part was decorated with the Korff Family coat-of-arms, silver bullet and maskaron carved in Gotland... Read More
  • Swedish Wall in Jaunpils

    The Swedish Wall in Jaunpils, according to the legend, was built by the Swedish war prisoners, who were brought to Jaunpils by Baron Matthias von der Recke after the... Read More
  • The Vārtāja River near the Ruins of the Aizkrūte Mill

    Vārtāja is a river, a tributary of the right bank of Barta in Southern Kurzeme. The length of the river is 64 km.... Read More
  • Track Tractor and Peat Harvester (Saldus)

    Track tractor DT 75B, intended for various soil work and agricultural activities, was one of the most popular tractors in the Soviet time and was produced from the 1960s... Read More
  • Track Tractor TDT-55 (Saldus)

    This track tractor is used in forestry, particularly logging of timber, building and packaging timber piles, loading, as well as for groundbreaking and road construction... Read More
  • Tractor with Ditch Digging Equipment

    The track tractor Stalinec 80 (Сталинец-80) T 100 with ditch digging equipment was made after World War II. Initially, it was produced on the basis of tanks,... Read More
  • Ugāle railway station water tower

    Ugāle railway station water tower was built in 1904.... Read More
  • Viewing area on Greili Hill

    As you travel from Kandava to Sabile, you will find a parking lot on the right side of the road. From there, there are steps to a viewing area on the highest hill in the... Read More
  • Vītiņi lime kiln

    Built of boulders and is an interesting architectural and cultural-historical monument. Well preserved to this day. Nearby is a limestone quarry – a quarry filled with... Read More